Working for You

Nova Operations provides a number of valuable services to the North Peace Region.  It is our desire to provide our customers with a top quality product - on budget and on time.

Design and Project Management

Bring us your concepts and we will work with you to build a design that will be visually compelling, structurally sound, and cost effective.  Once your design is fully developed, we offer project management services to take it from concept to completion.

Concrete Forming and Finishing

Start off with a foundation that is designed to give you long lasting benefits!  We offer concrete services that include footer and slab installation, retaining walls, and much more.  And we specialize in in-floor heating - don't go another winter where you roast when standing up and freeze when lying on the floor! We provide concrete finishing in a host of different options - decorative inlays, stamped designs, and textured finishes.

Structural Framing

Whether you desire to build using timber post and beam, dimensional lumber, or structural steel, we  provide the service you need and want. From new homes to commercial buildings, we are commited to structural framing that is safe, reliable, and built with quality.


Shingle roofs?  Metal cladding?  Commercial sealed flat roofing?  Tell us what you want - we will do the rest.  Our veteran staff provide roofing services that last, and are installed with the highest level of safety. Nova journeymen and staff use high quality personal protective equipment, specialized fall arrest or restraint gear, and conduct activities at heights under the most stringent procedures.


We specialize in a finished product.  Professional drywalling, painting, tile and masonry work, trim and interior wood design - these services are only a few of our finishing services.  Ever walked into a completed building and looked in dismay at a poor quality result?  Probably so.  By contrast, we take special pride in delivering fine finishes to our customers as a standard part of doing business.

Remodelling and Renovations

We aren't just rennovators, we are remodelling specialists!  Renovating is simply updating what exists...remodelling is adding new design and flair to bring any room or building a whole new look.  So if you want a product that is unique, give us a call or ask for an estimate to see what possibilities are available to you.