Our Story

It all Started with a Dream...

I have been in the construction business for over twelve years.  I'm a dedicated family man with a wonderful wife and three vivacious girls, all of whom have contributed to my success in ways I can't even begin to count.

In early 2004, Nova was launched with the desire to provide exceptional services and products to customers in the North Peace region...and we've never looked back.

Starting with spec and custom home building, we eventually transitioned to specialized foundation work, commercial structures (wood and steel), and high-end remodelling.  In late 2011, we began offering more services to clients in the Oil and Gas industry.

My goal is to give my customers the care they deserve by treating them with the utmost respect and putting their desires at the top of my list.  In short, my dream is making their dream happen!

Nova Operations has three simple goals:

  • Treat our customers with respect and integrity
  • Give customer projects the priority they deserve
  • Build Excellence into every service and product we provide